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Aqualung was the First To Scuba Dive

Aqualung’s story

About Aqualung Dive Gear, They started almost 75 years of innovation, inspiring water explorers everywhere in the world. When Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnon invented the Aqua Lung for scuba diving, and history was forever changed. 

This single piece of dive equipment launched decades of innovation and empowered discovery by making the underwater world more accessible to everyone. Inventing the sport we now know as Scuba diving, Cousteau and Gagnon became pioneers of an aquatic revolution creating high-quality dive gear.

The Manufacturing

Aqualung has continued the success of these early pioneering days by being the leaders in innovation and progression in the sport of scuba diving. Aqualung products are made for divers by divers, ensuring that all the equipment performs above and beyond. There focus is comfort and performance in and out of the water. It not only looks good, performs well; it is also super comfortable.

Scuba Diving Gear for the Ladies, They also don’t forget females dive with a full range of female dive products. Styled and anatomically designed for the female figure, giving comfort and performance. For example, Aqualung women’s BCD’s have a shorter torso length to ensure the weight sits above the hips and paired with the wrapture harness makes sure the weight is distributed evenly around the body, making your walk down to the dive site as comfortable as it can be. We stock the best ladies dive gear range at Dive Gear Australia.

There new modular BCD’s are lightweight, easy to dive and fully customizable for the diver. Rogue, Outlaw and Omni BCD’s. All their products are backed by premium design and manufacturing. France (Regulators) BCD’s (America) Mask Snorkel and Fins (Italy) computers (America) and of course our sister company Apeks who manufacture out of England. Not a lot of companies can say that today. The products are the best quality and performance you need in our harsh diving environments. 

Each regulator is tested to ensure it reaches the CE requirements in Europe and other countries. All regulators are CE approved and hand-assembled in our international factories. Their regulators are outperforming most of there competitors when tested for work of breathing and performance while scuba diving at depth.  This includes their overbalanced technology and many other innovations and patents that Aqualung is proud to call their own.  

Making the Aqualung Company truly the first to dive. 

Aqualung Australian Warranties

Regulators are covered by a limited lifetime warranty,

BCD’s are covered by a 2-year warranty and some extended warranties on manufacturing defaults. Please refer to,  Dive Computers are currently two years with some extended five years cover included on manufacturing defaults. Software (Mask Snorkel Fins) 2-year Warranty,  Neoprene products – 1-year Warranty

Aqua Lung Australia Warranties are only honoured if the product was purchased through an authorised Aqualung dealer, and you are the original owner. 

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