BCD Servicing

BCD Servicing in Melbourne Australia

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What’s involved in the BCD Service?

BCD Service involves a Leak & Pressure Test, Pressure valves cleaned and tested, Tank Cam-band and the Servicing of the lower Inflator assembly or the Alternate Air Second Stage inflator. A final pressure test is carried out on the overpressure valves and the jacket is left inflated for a period of time to make sure that it holds its air pressure.

Standard BCD inflator assembly
Aqua Lung Airsource 3 Inflator Occy
Alternate Air Second Stage inflator

At DGA we service all major brands of BC or BCD including Apeks, Apollo, Aqua Lung, Beuchat, Boss, Cressi, Dive Rite, Halcyon, HOG, Hollis, IST, Mares, Mirage, Oceanic, OMS, Poseidon, Scubapro, Seac Sub, SeaQuest, Sherwood, Tusa, Zeagle and many more brands are serviced by our fully qualified scuba technicians.

What is a BCD?

Buoyancy compensators ( also referred to as BC’s or BCD’s) buoyancy control devices are very popular with recreational sports diving.

The buoyancy compensator is a personal flotation device that can serve several functions including:

  1. On the surface buoyancy, BCD,s provide flotation for swimming, resting and snorkelling.
  2. Underwater, the BC compensates for changes in the Divers buoyancy, such that the diver can maintain neutral buoyancy underwater., regardless of depth or activity.
  3. The BCD can provide the added lift that may be needed for carrying heavy camera equipment or a catch bag filled with game or artifacts.
  4. On land, BC’s support the weight of the heavy diving cylinder and transfer the load to the diver in a comfortable manner as possible when walking with their Scuba equipment.
  5. BCDs also serves as a gauge holder, octopus holder and an accessory organiser by providing different retainers and pockets for scuba divers accessories, and many BC’s also have knife attachment ports for small BCD knives.