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Scuba Essentials

The basic Scuba Essentials in becoming a Scuba Diver

A Dive Mask, Scuba Snorkel, Dive Boots, Scuba Diving fins, Gloves, Hoods and a Wetsuit are the Essentials that you need.

Scuba divings snorkels are different from snorkelling snorkels as they are flexible and drop away from the mouth and face allowing divers to breathe from their regulator. Where the snorkels for snorkelling have a fixed curve shape around the side of the face.

Socks for comfort and easily getting into and out of your wetsuit and boots.

Anti-fog gel or spray for your dive mask so that you can see underwater.

A mask tamer for girls and guys with long hair for comfort as it stops your hair from being pulled and getting caught, A mask tamer also helps with skills such as mask removal and replacement.

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