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Waterproof Wet Suits

Are you looking for quality waterproof wet suits that you can use for all kinds of diving activities? Dive Gear Australia has an impressive selection of waterproof male wetsuit and waterproof female wetsuit options that are made from neoprene rubber and suitable for swimming in all kinds of temperatures while keeping users dry and comfortable. We also stock highly recommended accessories such as boots, gloves and hoods to help keep you extra comfortable and dry.

Waterproof Men’s Wetsuit

When it comes to finding the right waterproof men’s wetsuit, you’ll want a wetsuit that fits snugly and doesn’t affect your ability to move around while also keeping you dry and warm. Dive Gear Australia has a wide range of male wetsuits available in various sizes, styles and design. We’re sure to have a waterproof male wetsuit that’s perfect for you.

Waterproof Women’s Wetsuit

Dive Gear Australia has an excellent waterproof women’s wetsuit collection, with options available in different designs, colours and patterns. Made out of high-quality neoprene materials, every waterproof female wetsuit we stock comes with a gender specific design that makes it easy for female divers to zip up their wetsuit.

Explore Our Range Today

If you’re looking for gender specific waterproof wet suits for sale that are reasonably priced, discover the range available at Dive Gear Australia. Shop online today, or call us on (03) 9702 3694 or contact us online for help choosing the best waterproof semi dry wet suits.