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Ocean Pro Wet Suits

Dive Gear Australia stocks Ocean Pro wet suits that are designed to be exceptionally durable and functional, making them ideal for divers who like to explore difficult diving conditions. Ocean Pro wet suits are renowned for their durable construction that protects users from various kinds of abrasions, as well as providing their skin with the protection it needs from UV rays. Ocean Pro suits are also designed to dry quickly, preventing nasty smells from developing.

Ocean Pro Men’s Wetsuit

Dive Gear Australia has every type of Ocean Pro men’s wetsuit available. These wetsuits are specially made for male divers and snorkellers, with each suit shaped for the male build. All options are made from high-quality neoprene material that provides the thermal insulation and protection needed for diving in all kinds of water conditions.

Ocean Pro Women’s Wetsuit

Get in touch with Dive Gear Australia if you require an Ocean Pro women’s wetsuit. Every women’s wetsuit that Ocean Pro manufactures is made from neoprene and is anatomically cut for a female build, making them comfortable to wear. Not only are they flexible for ease of movement in the water, but the neoprene material also ensures excellent heat retention.

Oceanpro Stinger Suit

The Oceanpro Stinger suit ensures that divers, snorkellers and spearos will be completely protected at all times against stingers when swimming in tropical waters. This suit provides coverage from head to toe to prevent stings while also providing full UV protection.

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