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Spearfishing and Freediving Australia

HUNTMASTER (HM) was founded by a group of spearfishing and diving enthusiasts from Sydney, Australia. HuntMaster is a company that brings you the latest in spearfishing and Freediving and are very passionate about expanding the horizons of the sports and helping underwater enthusiasts reach their full potential.

Hunt Master aim to share these experiences with the Australian and global community through diving classes, special events and competitions that encourage a healthier lifestyle.

What brought the Australian HM Team together!

The team at HuntMasters came together to solve the daily dilemmas of Aussie divers and spearos. With over 50 years of combined diving and fishing experience, they have used their expertise to bring you the most innovative products on the market.

Australian waters are known for their varied temperatures and strong currents, providing the perfect testing ground for their top-line products. All the hard work has been done so you can focus on bagging those big fish.

Amongst the Huntmaster team, they have a current world record holder for Southern Blue Fin Tuna. Don’t worry. Once you try their products, you’ll be able to give him a run for his money.

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