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Salvimar Spearfishing and Freediving Gear

Salvimar Italian Spearfishing Professionals

Salvimars specially designed a range of high-quality spearfishing and freediving gear products are developed using the best technologies and the most advanced design studies, paying attention to the right sporty look. 

All Salvimars Spearfishing and Freediving products are designed in-house by our development team with the collaboration of a state-of-the-art production sector consisting of a plastic moulding department, a mechanical machining centre with 15 numerically controlled lathes and a robotic island for the most sophisticated processing.

There product development control is completed by two highly skilled assembly departments allowing them to manage the complete production process of most of our products internally, from engineering to the finished product. 

In 2015 Salvimar created the Fluyd Freediving brand dedicated to freediving, triathlon, swimming and from now also to professional snorkelling. And now ships to more than 50 countries around the world, where spearfishermen and freedivers recognize their products that mix of technique and style. 

Since 1962, Salvimar Has been Making Spearfishing Gear.

They have a driving force for improvement and innovation that has guided them, first as a supplier specialized in processing on behalf of third parties. Then created the Brand Salvimar in 2010 for spearfishermen and Freedivers all over the world. 


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