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View Prescription Swimming Goggles 

 View prescription swimming goggles are the ultimate in comfort and fit.

If you are looking for swimming goggles to provide excellent comfort, incredible visibility you can’t go past View goggles.

Our dive instructors use them in the pools all the time and love the fact that they never leak and almost never have any fogging issues.

They also don’t hurt your eye sockets or nose as they come with 3 different nose bridge sizes.

VIEW released the world’s first interchangeable prescription lens goggles in 1991.  Their team of specialists then focused on the children’s market and kids prescription goggles in 1994.

View prescription goggles are made in Japan by Tabata and manufactured in their factory around Tokyo. 

Quality Made Swimming Goggles since 1952 and are manufactured to the highest ISO standards, using only the best quality materials. They won’t let you down.