Drysuit Repairs


Drysuit Repairs Melbourne Australia

Need a new drysuit zip replaced or your wrist and neck seals are leaking, don’t worry almost anything can be fixed on a drysuit. Attach new boots or socks or New latex seals to your suit.


Drysuit Zipper Tip

For lubricating your zipper we recommend the use of Gear Aids Zipper Lubricant Stick formally known as Mc Nett Zip Tech.

Find out more here for Drysuit care and maintance tips.

Zipper Lubricant Stick 14.2g (.24oz)

Drysuit Repair Costs

  • Ankle seals on dry suit latex $72 each
  • Replace wrist seal 3mm neoprene $85 each
  • Wrist seal latex $63 each
  • Heavy-duty latex wrist seals $85 each
  • Viking wrist seal (only fitted to Viking suits) $95
  • Wrist seal Manchette $89 each  
  • Latex neck seal (no heavy-duty available) $145
  • Neck seal Neoprene 3mm $169
  • Convert a seal from latex to Neo or reverse $29
  • Zip on most suits replaced ONLY regular duty $599.95
  • Boots changed to socks or socks changed to socks $299
  • Replaced dry-boots. Must be quoted for each style
  • Tech pocket zipped. Fit and supply $149
  • Fit the pocket you or us has provided $79
  • Tech pocket 2D concertina Velcro $149
  • Pressure tested approximately 30% of suit $50
  • Pressure tested entire suit $95
  • Drysuit leak repairs POA
  • Service inflate or dump valve $35
  • Zip service and lube $39
  • Fit pee valve supplied by the customer $59
  • Pee valve fit and supply Halcyon low profile balanced $359