Drysuit Care​ & Maintenance

Here you will find Drysuit care recommendations avoid the sort of damage we see to suits at our repair facility in Hallam.

13 Habits that prolong your Drysuit’s life 

1. Good use deserves a good wash: wash with

Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS - Man Drysuit

fresh water, preferably warm water and occasionally with a mild

soap. (Also before sending it to us for service.)

2. Zips after trips: Clean the fabric of the zip being sure to

brush in between the teeth to remove excess wax, lint and any grit.

“Zip Tech” the rubber body of the zip to reduce drag on it by the

slider. Remove any loose threads from its leading-edge with sharp

snipers. (Repeated usage does damage the zip causing the edge to

work loose.)

3. Now and then observe:

Check over the suit for loose threads or areas of extreme wear and

repair them.

4. Travel can cost! 

Care for your dry zip to prevent sharp folds

in the zipper that could kink and snap the Kevlar thread along with the

teeth. Heavy or sharp objects may puncture.

Wrap your suit, so the zipper is around the suit. (a larger radius)

5. Onboard don’t kink it:

 If you roll the suit down for comfort, make sure you do not sit or lean on the zip as you may kink and break the zip chain.

6. While donning suit: 

Ease the zip over your larger parts, try not to put to much stress on the ends of the zip.

7. Zipping open or closed: 

If at all possible have someone else run your zip and explain to them. “To lessen the strain on zipping by keeping the zipper in line and being careful not to tangle underwear in the zipper.”

8. Pulling your arms out: 

Pull your arms back into your suit by the wrists, so the suit’s arms are not inside out. (Get someone else to help)

9. Front entry suits: 

(Diagonal zip) Squeeze gently into the zip so as not to tear it at the ends. Zip must be completely open.

10. Lube your wrists: 

Pure chalk. (Perfumes will affect the “latex”) Try using a personal lubricant like “KY Jelly liquid”.

We have found applying “UV Tech” protective spray before a trip

and then after the wash will extend the life of Latex…

Please do not use “Silicone” as glues will not stick the next time.

11. Storage hang-ups: 

When hanging your Drysuit, Keep away from heat like garage roofs and skylights. Keep folds to a minimum and don’t place any weight on top of suits at any time.

12. Field repairs if in doubt don’t:

Repairs must not include blobs or patches stuck over problems.

These methods may ruin the chances of a successful repair. Perhaps a

good duct tape. Remove tape before the glue has a chance to do


Adhesives Repair Kits and Aquaseal are available HERE

13. Enemies of suit materials: 

Petro-chemicals like Vaseline, Baby oil, sun crèmes, detergents also heat, UV light, sharp points, abuse and being borrowed by a good friend.

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