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Dive Gear Australias Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day


PADI Women’s Dive Day Melbourne PADI Women’s Dive Day Information Join us for a day of shared adventure and passion for the ocean. Book Here on our Facebook Event. PADI Women’s Dive Day is Typically held in July, which is ok if you live in the Tropics. So we decided to make Dive Gear Australias annual [Read More…]

Guinness World Record Attempt 2017 For Longest Underwater Human Chain

Guinness World Record Attempt 2017

 Diving Victoria Industry Association GWR  This Year the Diving Victoria Industry Association has organised a great event to bring together all victorian scuba divers to participate in the Guinness World Record For Longest Underwater Human Chain, Which will be run at Rye Pier this 2nd December. The previous record consists of 308 divers, achieved by Cesena Blu (Italy), [Read More…]