Dive Computer Battery Change


Dive Computer Battery Replacement Melbourne Australia

Dive computers are a fantastic safety tool while scuba diving when they are in working condition, It is best to replace the batteries when they get low or especially when you are going overseas or interstate for a dive trip.


Replacing the batteries

pecialised lubricants and tools are used for changing batteries as per the manufactures specifications. Here at DGA we offer dive computer battery replacement for a broad range of dive computers.

i200C Nato Dive Computer Melbourne

Dive Computer Battery Changes

We service these brands for dive computer battery changes in-house, Aqua Lung Mares, Oceanic, Apollo, Atomic Aquatics, Cressi, Scubapro, Tusa, and Uwatec dive computers Suunto as well as most other major brands of dive computers.

Some dive computer models have to be sent back to the manufacture, for example, gel-filled battery compartments.


Changing a dive computer battery Yourself

Some new dive computers are user changeable nowadays, but if you do change the batteries yourselves and flood the dive watch or computer, the warranty will be instantly voided.


Dive Computer Battery Change Prices