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IDC & Dive Masters Cheat Sheet For Scuba Diving

Equations, Meanings and Terms Reflex Respiratory Centre – Detects High Carbon dioxide Hypoxia – Insufficient Oxygen Anoxia – Severe Oxygen Depletion Hypocapnia – Insufficient Carbon Dioxide Hypercapnia – Excess Carbon Dioxide Bradycardia – Slowing of the Heart (Cold moisture on face) Apnea – Breath Holding It takes 8-12 hours to eliminate carbon monoxide Physics Water displacement (saltwater) Ltrs x 1.03 = A Object weight – [Read More…]

Types of Scuba Diving O-rings


About the Different Types of O-rings O-rings can be made of a very long list of exotic materials; most are inappropriate for SCUBA DIVING applications. The materials commonly used in SCUBA applications appear in the following table. Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Copolymers (NBR or Nitrile) Most o-rings used in SCUBA are manufactured from Nitrile, a hydrocarbon-based synthetic rubber. [Read More…]

Drysuit Care​ & Maintenance


Here you will find Drysuit care recommendations avoid the sort of damage we see to suits at our repair facility in Hallam. 13 Habits that prolong your Drysuit’s life  1. Good use deserves a good wash: wash with fresh water, preferably warm water and occasionally with a mild soap. (Also before sending it to us for [Read More…]