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Cressi Wet Suits

Cressi is one of the oldest underwater diving suit companies in the world, with Cressi wet suits renowned for being high in quality and durability. At Dive Gear Australia, we’re proud to be a trusted supplier of Cressi wetsuits in Australia wide. No matter what type of diving you plan on doing, you can come to us to get the Cressi 2 piece wetsuit or 1 piece wetsuit you need.

Cressi Spearfishing Wetsuit

If you want a Cressi 2 piece wetsuit or 1 piece wetsuit for spearfishing activities, Dive Gear Australia is sure to have what you need. Our Cressi spearfishing wetsuit options are constructed from a high stretch neoprene elastic that makes them perfect for going freediving during the colder months. Their camouflage design also enables divers to be hidden when spearfishing, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings.

Cressi Freediving Wetsuit

A Cressi freediving wetsuit is highly recommended for anyone that likes to go freediving on a regular basis. These suits are made out of high-density neoprene and come with a strong yet flexible nylon external lining that keeps the user warm and comfortable.

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