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Bare Wet Suits

If you’ve been having trouble finding a high-quality wetsuit for your diving needs, Dive Gear Australia highly recommends considering one of the Bare wet suits we have in stock. Bare is one of the most trusted wetsuit brands, offering quality suits that keep users warm and comfortable when diving, while also providing gender specific options that fulfil both men’s and women’s comfort requirements. Dive Gear Australia can advise you on which Bare men’s wetsuit or Bare women’s wetsuit in our range is best for your next underwater adventure.

Bare Men’s Wetsuit

Every Bare men’s wetsuit we offer is designed for maximum performance. The blend of neoprene and laminate materials ensures the user feels comfortable and can easily move around while also being able to take their wetsuit on and off with ease. All Bare men’s wetsuit options have a wide and anatomically correct pattern in the shoulder and neck area to minimise pressure in these areas and are also narrow at the hips, making them suitable for men to wear.

Bare Women’s Wetsuit

Looking to buy a Bare women’s wetsuit? Dive Gear Australia has options available that are designed to fit to the female form. All Bare women’s wetsuit products come with chest cups as well as a narrower waist and wider hips, making them anatomically suitable for women to wear. If you’ve been having difficulty finding a suitably sized Bare women’s wetsuit, feel free to contact us for help selecting the right female Bare wet suits.

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