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Mac Cotellerie Knives

The handicraft activity that had developed
in Maniago already in ancient times and had started
to grow and develop in what today is a true and proper industry specialized in knives and cutting tools.
It was in these surroundings that during the 1920’s
our business began when Di Bon Giovanni, at that
time 14 years old, started to work manufacturing knives.
In 1936, Giovanni, together with other partners, created
a small factory that worked for other knife
manufacturers. In 1958, his son Roberto also entered
in partnership. In 1964 the present Mac Coltellerie
was founded, and that oriented its production towards
the classical little knives for souvenirs
and promotions.
Afterwards, Mac made its first passes in creating other types of knives thanks to Roberto’s experience in sports.
Thus, around 1978, the first hunting and diving knives
were produced. And at this point, our company started
a process of variety, enlarging the production
of diving knives and starting to make nautical,
fishing and rescue knives. With the growing production
firm a bigger factory was needed and in 1984,
Mac moved to the industrial zone where it is today.
In 2003, Roberto’s son Matteo joined to take part
in his business, bringing major computerization
to the business. Thanks to a vast machinery yard and specific up-to-date equipment, Mac Coltellerie develops the whole production process in its factory:
Carrying out its own moulds for the moulding presses
and blanking presses. This guarantees to the clients
of Mac a product of 100% quality Made in Italy.