Dive Gear Servicing

Scuba Gear Servicing

We service all major brand Regulators, BCDs, Dive Computers, Dive Cylinders, Wetsuits and Drysuits.

SCUBA DIVING Regulators that we service in house

Regulator servicing brands include Aqua Lung, Atomic Aquatics, Apeks, Cressi, Oceanpro, Oceanic, Scubapro, TUSA and Zeagle.

When Does My Dive Gear Need Servicing?

It is highly recommended that all regulators and buoyancy compensators (BCD’s) get serviced annually.

About Dive Equipment Maintenance 

Regardless of how much use they received, in fact, it is even more important to have your scuba diving equipment serviced if it has not been used for quite a while or if you only use your equipment over summer for example.

It is also cheaper to have your scuba diving equipment serviced regularly and avoid unnecessary replacement of significant and often expensive components. Most regulators and buoyancy compensators warranty terms will also require the servicing of the item annually.

How Long Dose It Take?


Dive Gear Australia offer equipment servicing on all major brands. Most dive equipment takes around one week to two weeks for servicing. 

Just bring your dive gear into our store, and we’ll look after it for you.

We also run a fantastic Equipment Maintenance Course will prepare for looking after your Scuba Equipment.

 When to service scuba diving cylinders?

Your dive tanks have to be hydrostatically tested every year. You can determine when your dive cylinder needs to be tested by checking the month and year stamps on the neck of the bottle. If the date was more than one year ago, your tank needs testing. for example, if the test stamp is 18/02 the tank can only be filled until the end of 02/19

Dive Gear Servicing Price List

Send Your Dive Gear To Us For A Service

How the Servicing Process Works

Fill out the form below, then pack your dive gear well and ship to us at this address with your name and number in the package. Please send the package via a registered with a signature so as that you dive gear cannot get lost in transit. Return shipping fees will be added to the cost of gear servicing.

Once your dive gear is received, we will have our expert technicians service your equipment as a priority so as that we can return it to you as soon as possible.
Once serviced, we will contact you over the phone for payment via credit card or bank transfer.