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Dive The HMAS Canberra Ship Wreck

Scuba Diving the EX HMAS Canberra melbourne

Launched on 1 December 1978, the HMAS Canberra FFG-02 was built by Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation in Seattle, Washington, USA. The second of six similar FFG-7 Class Guided Missile Frigates, she was commissioned on 21 March 1981. ex hmas CanberraWatch this video on YouTube The HMAS Canberra and her five sister frigates (HMA Ships Adelaide, [Read More…]

Victoria Crayfish Opening Season 2019


As a Scuba diver Catch your own feast for Christmas Lunch. There name Rock Lobster AKA Crayfish Common Names: Rock Lobster Bag limit: 2 Possession limit: (in, on or next to Victorian waters): 4 Minimum legal size: Male – 11cm carapace length. Female – 10.5cm carapace length. Closed season: Male – 15 Sep to 15 Nov inclusive. [Read More…]

Sea and Sea DX-6G Camera

Sea and Sea’s latest DX-6G Compact Sports Camera and Housing Set is a very welcome camera system that dives can use with ease, the housing has also got all the features you need to expand the camera’s performance. The rugged camera has a depth rating of 14 meters and dropping impact resistance of 1.6 meters, This [Read More…]

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