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Why Join The Club

One of the most exciting and brilliant things about scuba diving is the inherent social atmosphere. Divers like to band together and share their experiences, their photos and their knowledge.
Almost anywhere in the world, you’ll find divers – even landlocked places like Inland South Australia, Mildura, Mexico or Arizona!

Our story


Dive Gear Australia has a fantastic dive club located in Hallam, the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our members are a friendly and welcoming bunch. Every fortnight we gather for a BBQ, as well running weekly club dives, and whether it’s an after-work drop-in at the shop or a weekend in the water, you’ll always find something to do with DGA.

How Old are Our Divers

We have many club members with kids ranging from 12-18, So there are many buddys for them to dive with. We have a great range of ages in the DGA dive club, adults of all ages upto 70 years old, so you are never to old to scuba dive or find a buddy. 

Scuba Dive For All Ages

Club Scuba Diving Trips

All dive trips are professionally organized and cover things like flights, transfers, accommodation, scuba diving, food and other fun land-based activities.

As a group, we also have a lot of say on sites that we dive and many extras that you just can’t do if you travel alone.
So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Dive Travel

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