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Sharkskin T2 Titanium Chillproof

Sharkskin T2 Titanium Chillproof The Sharkskin T2 Chillproof range is a step up from the standard Chillproof range in that it provides even more warmth by using Titanium Far Infrared (FIR) nano-technology to retain your body's heat as well as improve circulation and metabolic function. The T2 Chillproof range is the same thickness as standard Chillproof, is 100% windchill proof, lightweight, neutrally buoyant and provides the warmth of a 4-5mm wetsuit allowing you to replace your wetsuit with T2 in warmer waters or layer up underneath a wetsuit with T2 for extra insulation and warmth for colder waters. T2 has evolved from Titanium Chillproof (T1) as a result of feedback from customers. T2 Chillproof is more flexible, has better abrasion resistance, has improved insulation for more warmth, is charcoal-grey in colour for better temperature regulation, and uses body mapping for a better design and fit. Compared to the standard Chillproof material the new T2 Chillproof benefits from Titanium Far Infrared (FIR) that is incorporated into the fabric. The Titanium nano-particles reflect and retain the Far Infrared heat energy emitted from our bodies, effectively keeping you warmer AND increasing your blood flow for improved metabolic function for better recovery and health. Without this Titanium nano-technology, the Far Infrared heat energy generated by our body is lost in the surrounding environment. Worn by itself or layered underneath a wetsuit or other Sharkskin garments, the Sharkskin T2 Chillproof range is perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling and all watersports where you need to be extra warm as well as comfortable and protected from the cold. With the T2 Chillproof range not only will you benefit from the extra warmth during your watersports activity – but you will stay warmer and feel better after your watersports activity too. Over numerous tests, divers have found that using Sharkskin Titanium they could scuba dive comfortably in water temperatures below 19 degrees Celsius without a wetsuit. Usually, a 5 mm or 7mm wetsuit would be needed to stay warm at this temperature NANOTECHNOLOGY Far infrared is a safe and natural form of radiation emitted by the sun, animals (including humans) and specific elements. Nanoparticles are subatomic particles. Nanoparticles react differently than matter in their natural state. Titanium nanoparticles have been shown to absorb, generate and emit far-infrared radiation. When infused in a fabric like Chillproof Far Infrared radiation from the body is trapped and absorbed, and the titanium nanoparticles also generate their own Far Infrared. This positive radiation is driven into the body, causing oscillation of water molecules that in turn, cause more far-infrared emissions that can be driven deep into the body. For any activity where increased warmth and recovery from exercise are beneficial Sharkskins, T2 Titanium Chillproof is a game-changer. NanoTech is used extensively in the health and athletic markets to aid recovery. Generates significant heat which is extremely beneficial in maintaining warmth in the water.