Sea and Sea DX-6G Camera

Sea and Sea’s latest DX-6G Compact Sports Camera and Housing Set is a very welcome camera system that dives can use with ease, the housing has also got all the features you need to expand the camera’s performance. The rugged camera has a depth rating of 14 meters and dropping impact resistance of 1.6 meters, This [Read More…]

About Prescription Dive Masks


Find out what you need to know about our Prescription Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Masks Selection include Single vision, multifocal, bifocal and Tri-focal lenses.

We stock many different Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Masks here at Dive Gear Australia. With pre-made optical lenses available in-store or if you need special Custom Lenses we have you covered. You can have them made to suit any Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing Mask.

Lead Weight Guide

Scuba Diving Lead Weight

Basic Weighting Guidelines for Scuba Divers How much weight do I need for scuba diving ? This is a tough question every diver faces from time to time. Although only a buoyancy check precisely determines the proper amount of Lead(weight) is needed, here are some basic weight guidelines that’ll get you started. These guidelines are based on individuals [Read More…]