About Buying Snorkelling Gear

Buying The Right Snorkelling Gear In Australia Where is your snorkelling Adventure taking you today? Are you travelling overseas to a tropical paradise or Snorkelling in your amazing backyard? If you are planning to Snorkel or Scuba Dive on the Great Barrier Reef or anywhere in the world, It is imperative for your enjoyment that [Read More…]



FIRMWARE UPDATE RELEASE DETAILS i770R DIVE COMPUTER In response to input received from staff and users of the i770R, Aqua Lung has corrected or modified the following items to improve the i770R’s operation:  • Aqua Lung has increased the choices of onboard languages to 12 different language options. This update adds Russian, Korean, traditional Chinese, [Read More…]

Victoria Crayfish Opening Season 2019


As a Scuba diver Catch your own feast for Christmas Lunch. There name Rock Lobster AKA Crayfish Common Names: Rock Lobster Bag limit: 2 Possession limit: (in, on or next to Victorian waters): 4 Minimum legal size: Male – 11cm carapace length. Female – 10.5cm carapace length. Closed season: Male – 15 Sep to 15 Nov inclusive. [Read More…]

IDC & Dive Masters Cheat Sheet For Scuba Diving

Equations, Meanings and Terms Reflex Respiratory Centre – Detects High Carbon dioxide Hypoxia – Insufficient Oxygen Anoxia – Severe Oxygen Depletion Hypocapnia – Insufficient Carbon Dioxide Hypercapnia – Excess Carbon Dioxide Bradycardia – Slowing of the Heart (Cold moisture on face) Apnea – Breath Holding It takes 8-12 hours to eliminate carbon monoxide Physics Water displacement (saltwater) Ltrs x 1.03 = A Object weight – [Read More…]

Papua New Guinea Dive Trip 2020

Papua New Guinea Dive Trip 2020

PNG Walindi Plantation Dive Trip Diving Papua New Guinea, Kimbe Bay @ Walindi Plantation Resort (2017)Watch this video on YouTube Our next fantastic PNG Club Dive Trip diving around Kimbe Bay, It is located on the north coast of the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Kimbe Bay is a world-renowned scuba diving hotspot, supporting an [Read More…]

Popes Eye Underwater Webcam

Popes Eye Underwater Webcam

First-ever rocky-reef, live-feed underwater webcam Reef Cam is Melbourne’s and Australia’s first underwater webcam to be installed. This is a great way to check out Port Phillip Bay’s coolest residents at Popes Eye, located just of Portsea Pier, Wich is about a 10 min Boat ride for Scuba Divers and snorkellers. Reef Cam is a great way to check [Read More…]

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