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IDC & Dive Masters Cheat Sheet For Scuba Diving

Equations, Meanings and Terms Reflex Respiratory Centre – Detects High Carbon dioxide Hypoxia – Insufficient Oxygen Anoxia – Severe Oxygen Depletion Hypocapnia – Insufficient Carbon Dioxide Hypercapnia – Excess Carbon Dioxide Bradycardia – Slowing of the Heart (Cold moisture on face) Apnea – Breath Holding It takes 8-12 hours to eliminate carbon monoxide Physics Water displacement (saltwater) Ltrs x 1.03 = A Object weight – [Read More…]

Scuba Diving Dictionary


Here you will find all the definitions for the scuba diving terms that we use.  Absolute Pressure it is calculated by using a vacuum as the zero point and including the gauge and atmospheric pressure in the calculation. Adrenaline A hormone secreted by the adrenal gland into the circulatory system which stimulates the heart, blood [Read More…]

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