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Dive Gear Australias Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day


PADI Women’s Dive Day Melbourne PADI Women’s Dive Day Information Join us for a day of shared adventure and passion for the ocean. Book Here on our Facebook Event. PADI Women’s Dive Day is Typically held in July, which is ok if you live in the Tropics. So we decided to make Dive Gear Australias annual [Read More…]

Flying after Diving Recommendations

Flying after Diving Recommendations

Scuba Diving then Flying Referred student divers may not have reached the point in their training where they are exposed to the flying after diving recommendations; however, because they may have opportunities to take dive travel vacations that involve aeroplane travel. It is prudent to discuss the diving medical community’s most recent flying after diving [Read More…]

IDC & Dive Masters Cheat Sheet For Scuba Diving

Equations, Meanings and Terms Reflex Respiratory Centre – Detects High Carbon dioxide Hypoxia – Insufficient Oxygen Anoxia – Severe Oxygen Depletion Hypocapnia – Insufficient Carbon Dioxide Hypercapnia – Excess Carbon Dioxide Bradycardia – Slowing of the Heart (Cold moisture on face) Apnea – Breath Holding It takes 8-12 hours to eliminate carbon monoxide Physics Water displacement (saltwater) Ltrs x 1.03 = A Object weight – [Read More…]