Learn To Dive Melbourne

Learn To Scuba Dive in Melbourne With Expert PADI Diving Instructors

Learn to dive, and you will be prepared for diving anywhere in the world due to our high level of training and the different types of bay and ocean conditions that you will learn your important diving skills.

This makes you a better and more advanced diver than if you had learned to dive in warm tropical waters. In Melbourne, you will learn to deal with ocean currents, colder water, different variations of visibility and varying surface conditions.

We also teach with lower ratios on the course, such as one instructor to 4 students ensuring that we can give you the attention and training that you need.

Some Key Benefits

  • Learning to scuba dive with us is fun and easy.
  • As a PADI certified diver, you have the most respected and sought after scuba credentials in the world.
  • Once you are a certified diver No matter where you choose to go scuba diving, your open water PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted worldwide.
  • If you lose your certification card, Any PADI dive centre can look you up on the internet and get you in the water having fun!