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Sharkskin Thermal Water Sportswear

Watersports enthusiasts the world over know that staying warm on or under the water is paramount to the enjoyment and safety of their favourite water sport or activity.
Sharkskin is the world’s leading range of technical watersports apparel to keep you warm and protect you from the sun and wind.

Sharkskin watersports apparel range is made up of the below “product categories” –

Chillproof garments
Perfect for Scuba Diving these are 100% windproof to pro¬vide warmth and wind protection.

Performance Wear garments
that combine Chillproof, 4-Way stretch neoprene and Compression technology to aid in muscle recovery.

Rapid Dry garments
which are perfect for summer or layering on top of other Sharkskin garments for extra warmth and sun protection.

R-Series Compression garments
Use ‘titanium far-infrared (TiFIR) technology to add warmth and to provide an extra boost in performance and recovery.

T2 Chillproof

(titanium far infrared) T2 garments for maximum warmth. This new fabric adds TiFIR technology to the original Chillproof fabric for even more warmth along with the associated health, performance and recovery benefits of far-infrared.

Active Wear garments

will become your go-to favourites for comfort before and after your watersports sessions. Sharkskin is suited to all watersports where you want to stay warm and comfortable while participating in your chosen watersport –

such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), sailing, foiling, windsurfing, surfing, surf ski, outrigger canoe, jet ski, water ski, wakeboarding, river rafting, multisport, adventure sport, etc.

Sharkskin can be worn by itself or combined with other Sharkskin garments to create a ‘layered’ system to keep you warm in different conditions.

Sharkskin can also be worn underneath wetsuits, drysuits and outer shell garments as a thermal layer for extra warmth and protection.