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Aqualung Wet Suits

Aqualung is a prominent international designer and manufacturer of wetsuits that are perfect for scuba diving activities. Not only are Aqualung wet suits highly functional, but they’re also available in a variety of styles and colours. At Dive Gear Australia, we have a huge range of Aqualung wet suits in stock to meet your needs. Place your order online today or visit our store in Hallam to discover our full range.

Aqualung Men’s Wetsuit

Dive Gear Australia stocks Aqualung wet suits in different designs that are specifically designed for men. Our Aqualung men’s wetsuit options are very stretchy and feature arm, leg and neck collar areas cut to suit the male build, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement while also being abrasion resistant.

Aqualung Women’s Wetsuit

Our Aqualung women’s wetsuit options have all been developed for women to move around in the water with ease. These wetsuits conform to the female body shape, allowing users to move and stretch with little limitation. The neoprene construction also provides thermal insulation to keep the wearer warm and comfortable in the water.

Aqualung Semi Dry Wet Suits

Aqualung semi dry wet suits are made from abrasion-resistant neoprene that won’t experience wear and tear if it gets scratched or rubs up against objects in the water. These suits also come with a tight fit seal that’s designed to minimise how much water enters the suit through the neck, ankle and wrist areas.

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