Project Aware


Project AWARE Conservation Blueprint

There are two critical focus areas for Project AWARE: Community and Policy. When both are working together, we are driving towards our mission and vision. Below is a visual representation of our organization’s blueprint.

Our Conservation Blueprint


Current Focus Areas

Project AWARE develops actions under our Clean Ocean and Healthy Ocean programs each year. In 2019, we will be supporting our community and advancing policies on Plastic Debris and Sharks & Rays.

See our Clean and Healthy Ocean pages for more information and support our latest campaigns. Be part of the solution. Start with making #EveryDiveaSurveyDive.


The Impact

For over 25 years of Project AWARE, together with there partners and the global community, they responded to the threats that our ocean faces, and had some incredible successes.



About Project AWARE

When it comes to the health of our aquatic environment, no community has such a personal view or cares more passionately than divers. Responding to the growing awareness of the problems facing both ocean and freshwater ecosystems, PADI launched Project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education) as an environmental ethic campaign in 1989. In 1992, Project AWARE Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization.

Each year, Project AWARE exposes nearly one million people to aquatic education programs, responsible dive practices and conservation efforts through its worldwide network of more than 100,000 PADI Professionals.
Project AWARE Foundation’s Mission and Purpose
Project AWARE Foundation is dedicated to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action.

Project AWARE partners with divers and water enthusiasts to protect underwater environments around the world. The Foundation involves divers in environmental projects, activities and campaigns working toward global conservation solutions. To strengthen and reinforce a widespread commitment to the aquatic environment, Project AWARE has joined forces, built alliances and formed partnerships with like-minded civic and governmental organizations.
The Foundation also funds and assists in conservation projects, distributing more than $300,000 US annually through its grant programs. Individuals and organizations apply for grants to support efforts ranging from local dive site cleanups to long-term research projects.


Project AWARE Activities

Over the last decade, Project AWARE Foundation has contributed to the success of numerous environmental efforts. A few noteworthy contributions include:

International Cleanup Day.

Each September tens of thousands of divers and non-divers clean above and below the water at local shorelines as part of a global effort. Cleanup organizers record the amount and types of trash they recover. This data is compiled by the Ocean Conservancy, Project AWARE partner, and used to monitor improvements in certain areas or decline in others.

Dive For Earth Day. On Earth Day, 22 April.

Project AWARE supporters around the world organize and conduct special environmental projects and events. These efforts include underwater cleanups, mooring buoy installations, reef survey projects, fish counts or other ecological programs that educate divers and encourage positive interaction with the aquatic environment.

Artificial Reefs and Wrecks.

Since the early 1990s, the Foundation has helped turn several ships into artificial reefs off the Canadian, Mexican and US coasts, and in the North American Great Lakes. Organizers thoroughly clean the ships and open many passageways to make them appealing to marine life as habitat and safer for visiting divers before they go down. These artificial reefs help take the pressure off of natural reefs that are in decline.

Mooring Buoy Program.

With the Foundation’s help, hundreds of mooring buoys now float over many of the world’s most popular dive sites, eliminating or reducing the need for dive boats to anchor. Anchor damage has stopped in some areas and is greatly minimized in others. Interested dive operators may receive complete instructions, consultation and financial support for installing buoys at local dive sites through the Foundation’s program.