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Sharkskin Chillproof

Chillproof by Sharkskin Australia

Chillproof by Sharkskin is the smart skin that replaces a three mm wetsuit with a revolutionary high tech tri-laminate that will keep you warm when your cold and cool when it’s hot  – in, on and underwater, There is huge range undergarments, full suits, socks, hoods, shorts, tops and pants available for men and women.

About Chillproof Thermal Water Sports Clothing

Sharkskin’s outer layer is a robust, high-quality 4-way stretch material with a durable water repellent (DWR). 

The second layer is a 10,000 plus technical membrane that stops windchill and “breathes” to prevents overheating.

The ‘next to skin’ layer is a high tech hollow fibre fleece that retains water when submerged and wicks moisture away on the surface to dry quickly and keep you comfortable.


How does Chillproof work?

When submerged, the hollow fibre fleece has been designed to absorb and hold water and prevent water flushing through the suit. Your body heats the water which provides a barrier against the cold water outside of the suit. 

On the surface, Chillproof provides a windproof and water-resistant barrier to the elements. The high loft hollow fleece holds air which your body heats to keep you warm with minimal bulk. Any moisture is quickly wicked away, and excess heat or water vapour will pass through the one-way semi-permeable membrane to prevent overheating.

So Sharkskin keeps cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. Additionally, it’s neutrally buoyant, flexible, odour resistant and super comfortable.