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Buy a Stinger Suit

Stinger suits are a vital piece of protective gear for both adults and kids, serving as a shield against the potentially dangerous inhabitants that can lurk in tropical waters. These suits, alternatively known as stinger wetsuits, lycra suits or diving skins, are also designed to safeguard swimmers and divers from the harmful effects of UV radiation emitted by the sun while also protecting against stings. They’re highly recommended for regions in Australia where the marine ecosystem is home to an array of jellyfish and stingers.

At Dive Gear Australia, we’re proud to offer a wide range of stinger suits crafted from specialised materials such as lycra. Our stinger suit options are designed for a snug yet flexible fit, ensuring comfort without compromising on protection. Their lightweight nature allows for unrestricted movement, which is a crucial factor for individuals engaging in water activities. The fabric’s composition also acts as a barrier against UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Our Available Range

Our range of stinger suits in Australia includes the following options:

  • Women’s stinger suits
  • Men’s stinger suits
  • Kids’/junior stinger suits
  • Hooded stinger suits
  • Long sleeve stinger tops
  • And more

Why Are Stinger Suits Important?

In tropical areas like Northern Australia, where the waters can harbour potentially hazardous marine life such as Box and Irukandji jellyfish, the importance of wearing stinger suits cannot be overstated. These creatures are known for their potent venom and often-invisible presence in the water, which means they pose a significant threat to unsuspecting swimmers and divers. However, with the right stinger suit, enthusiasts can explore the waters with greater peace of mind, knowing they have an added layer of defence against potential stings and their complications.

One of the notable advantages of stinger suits in Australia is their versatility. Beyond protection from stingers and UV radiation, these suits also offer thermal insulation, helping to regulate body temperature in both warm and cool waters. This enhances comfort during extended periods of water-based activities, whether it’s leisurely snorkelling or a more intense diving expedition.

Stinger Suits for Kids

For families with children, stinger suits are particularly important. Providing a reliable means of safeguarding youngsters during beach outings or water-based excursions, these suits offer parents reassurance that their children can enjoy their time in the water safely. Available in a range of sizes, stinger suits for kids not only offer protection, but also encourage children to explore and appreciate the marine environment while staying safe. At Dive Gear Australia, we stock the OceanPro Stinger Suit Junior that covers kids from head to toe, providing comprehensive protection.

Shop for a Stinger Suit Online Today

A stinger suit is an essential accessory for anyone venturing into tropical waters. Whether you want to shield yourself against harmful UV rays or minimise the risk of stings, these suits provide a valuable layer of protection without compromising on comfort or mobility. Explore our range of stinger suits in Australia and shop online today to get the stinger suit that’s right for you, or contact us for friendly advice and assistance.