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PADI Scuba Diving Courses


Learn To Scuba Dive in Melbourne

You Can Start Now in Hallam with Your PADI eLearning

 To get you in the water diving start here with the PADI Open water diver course and get your certification you to dive to 18 meters with a dive buddy anywhere in the world.

The next step in diving is the Advanced Open Water Adventure diver course, Consisting of 5 open water dives, This certification will take you deeper, allowing you to dive to 30 meters.

Then we have many more Exciting Scuba Diving Courses for you to learn and have FUN on.

Once you have learned to scuba dive you are on your way to discovering our underwater world like you never imagined possible before, The adventures are endless.


Learn To Scuba Dive in Melbourne With Expert PADI Diving Instructors. Learn to dive with DGA, and you will be prepared for diving anywhere in the world due to our high level of Scuba Diver training. In Melbourne, there are many different types of the bay, back beach and ocean conditions that you will learn in diving, which is essential for your diving skills.