Air Fills

Prices for Air Fills

Get the best scuba diving tank fill in Melbourne

Air Fills at Dive Gear Australia using huge stainless steel cooling station that is filled with water to ensure that you get a what is known as a real fill every time, This can add at least 15 plus minutes to any dive. Not only does it clean the rust from under your tank boots it lets us see any potential problems with your diving cylinder that may stop you diving or arrive at your dive site with no air because of a burst disc.

Scuba diving air is clean compressed air that is made up of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen.

Prices for scuba diving tank air fills:

Single Air Fill unto 12 litres $10

Single Air Fill unto 15 litres $12

Single Air Fill unto 18 litres $17

Twin Tanks air fills $18

300 bar Single Air Fill $17

Twin 300 bar Air Fill $30

Enriched Air:

Certification card or training are required for these air fills.

Single Tank nitrox Up to 40% Blend $ 30

Twin nitrox tanks up to 40% blend $45