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Professional Snorkelling Gear in Melbourne

If you’re looking for professional snorkelling gear for your upcoming diving activities, make Dive Gear Australia your first destination. As one of the biggest suppliers of products for snorkelling in Australia, we stock all the best snorkelling gear in one convenient place. Our range includes snorkelling fins, masks, snorkels and snorkelling gear packages to meet all your snorkelling requirements. You can rest assured we only stock and sell the highest quality snorkelling equipment in Melbourne and beyond.

Want to buy a travel snorkel set in Australia? Check out the extensive range that we have in stock, making it easy to find the best snorkel gear for your needs. We stock top quality snorkelling kits for both adults and children alike, ensuring your underwater adventures will be safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members can also help you find the dive set products you need to go snorkelling with ease.

Get the Best Snorkel Gear Today

For the best snorkelling gear in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide, shop at Dive Gear Australia today. You can also call us on (03) 9702 3694 or contact us online to learn more or get useful product recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know before snorkelling?

Anyone that wants to start snorkelling should first learn how to properly breathe through a snorkel. It’s a good idea to start practicing using a snorkel and fins in a swimming pool so you can get used to wearing snorkelling gear when in the water.

What should I look for in good snorkel gear?

Anyone that wants to go snorkelling in Australia should make sure the travel snorkel set they buy is made for intensive snorkelling and diving activities, as opposed to cheap inferior quality equipment. Only professional snorkelling gear can withstand increased underwater pressure levels.

What is the basic gear needed for snorkelling?

The basic snorkelling gear that everything should have in their dive set includes a snorkel, snorkel mask and snorkel fins.

How long can you stay underwater with snorkelling gear?

There’s no exact amount of time that a person can stay underwater, as it can depend on the specific gear. Using professional snorkelling gear allows users to spend much more time underwater compared to using an inferior snorkelling dive set.

Can you breathe underwater with snorkelling gear?

Yes, professional snorkelling gear allows users to breathe underwater for a short period of time without having to hold their breath.