Victoria Crayfish Opening Season 2019

As a Scuba diver Catch your own feast for Christmas Lunch.

There name Rock Lobster AKA Crayfish

Common Names: Rock Lobster


Bag limit: 2

Possession limit: (in, on or next to Victorian waters): 4

Minimum legal size:

Male – 11cm carapace length. Female – 10.5cm carapace length.

Closed season:

Male – 15 Sep to 15 Nov inclusive.

Females – 1 June to 15 Nov inclusive.

When taking rock lobster, you must not take or possess female rock lobster with eggs, or remove the eggs. You may not take soft-shelled rock lobster.

Please be a responsible diver and don’t take the breeders.

Laws on how to measure your Crays

Divers are required to measure rock lobster underwater prior to bringing them to the surface.

Crayfish must be landed whole or with the tail and carapace still attached to each other. Rock lobster is measured from the front edge of the groove between the large antennae to the nearest part of the rear edge of the carapace (main body shell).

Catching Methods

You must mark your Crayfish 

All rock lobsters taken by recreational fishers are to be tail-clipped or tail-punched with a hole not less than 10mm in diameter. This must be done within 5 minutes of bringing rock lobsters onto a boat or, if taken from the shore, within 5 minutes of landing and within 50m of the place of landing.

You must hold a valid fishing license available from the Department of Primary Industries CLICK HERE.

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