Rob Allen Lifetime Warranty

Rob Allen, in conjunction with Spearfishing Australia, offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty upgrade for all Rob Allen Spearguns purchased from an authorised reseller within Australia or online from

Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage will only apply to products purchased in Australia, accompanied by proof of purchase and those that are registered correctly and in full within the Spearfishing Australia Warranty database.

Spearfishing Australia warrants that it will fix, repair or replace any defective Rob Allen Speargun as described above, at no cost to the consumer other than the expense of the consumer returning any defective product to their nearest Spearfishing Australia (SA) Partner. Spearguns may also be returned directly to Spearfishing Australia Head office. After service, the speargun will then be returned to the SA Partner for collection or to the consumer at no cost, with the balance of the applicable warranty intact.

All Rob Allen Spearguns sold within Australia are provided with a 12-month Warranty. This 12-month warranty will cover against any defects in materials, workmanship and performance to product specifications. Registered product will have the warranty upgraded from 12 months to Limited Lifetime. Please refer to what the upgraded warranty actually covers below.

Conditions for Limited Lifetime Warranty Upgrade:

  1. The Rob Allen speargun details must be registered with Spearfishing Australia within 30 days of purchase. This registration should be completed online by you or the Spearfishing Australia Partner you purchased from. You can register your product online here:
  2. It is the consumers’ sole responsibility to ensure that the product is registered.
  3. The Rob Allen Speargun must only be used as intended for normal recreational fishing purposes.
  4. Only Rob Allen spearguns purchased within Australia are applicable to the Warranty upgrade.
  5. Only Rob Allen spearguns purchased via authorised Spearfishing Australia Partners or via are applicable to the Warranty Upgrade.
  6. This warranty shall be void if the speargun has been tampered with or modified by a person (or persons) not authorised by Rob Allen and Spearfishing Australia to perform such service.
  7. The warranty is non-transferable and extends to the original purchaser only.
  8. Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the Rob Allen Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  9. Perishable and consumable items, including but not limited to Gun Rubbers, Gun Bungees, Bridles, Shooting Line, Crimps and Shafts, are excluded from the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  10. To maintain this Limited Lifetime Warranty, you must maintain your own proof of purchase.

Please note that this warranty is offered in addition to any other rights that the consumer may have under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Additionally, failure to register eligible product does not diminish the consumers’ warranty rights.

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