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Their innovations extend to drysuits and wetsuits. They include advancements like our impenetrable No-Stitch Technology, Ultrawarmth Technology, and our most recent breakthrough, the X-Mission, the best suit we’ve ever made.

Bare has a reputation for making premier dive equipment has been upheld by the heart and passion each of our workers puts into every suit they make. Because, like our founders, they don’t just make the suits, they dive in them. It is this strong culture and unrelenting dedication to fit, craftsmanship, and innovation that has helped take us from that small shop in British Columbia to a global brand.

Celliant® Infrared Technology makes Bares Reactive and Evoke wetsuits very unique. This major innovation is created with 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric lining. As a result, Celliant® continuously converts body heat into infrared energy which is then reflected back onto the diver, maintaining overall warmth and comfort.


BARE Sports is founded on the sole principle of uncompromising craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that it remains one of our core pillars of quality. Bares drysuits are handmade by the same craftsmen and women that have been making BARE drysuits for over 44 years.


Every technique and detail is inspired by there passion for manufacturing the best products. We don’t cut corners; instead, we look for ways to build products that exceed our customer’s expectations. From innovative construction techniques, such as No Stitch Technology, to positioning fabrics on the bias to improve flexibility and stretch, we believe that our intentionality and commitment to excellence are what set us apart.


A longstanding history of durability has earned us a reputation for reliable quality. We pride ourselves on that, and back it with a limited lifetime guarantee on every one of our suits. Bare guarantee the seams and quality for the entire life of there products, even if you’re not the original owner—the only guarantee of its kind in the industry. 

Bare stands behind their products like nobody else because our customers deserve a product like no other.