About Buying Snorkelling Gear

Buying The Right Snorkelling Gear In Australia

Where is your snorkelling Adventure taking you today?

Are you travelling overseas to a tropical paradise or Snorkelling in your amazing backyard?

If you are planning to Snorkel or Scuba Dive on the Great Barrier Reef or anywhere in the world, It is imperative for your enjoyment that you have the right gear that fits you for your comfort and leisure as we often get lost out there for hours at a time Exploring our Oceans and Reefs whilst you enter a whole new World of awesome beauty and Adventure that our great seas have to offer.

Our Professionally trained and experienced staff at Dive Gear Australia will set up with the right gear tailored to you and your needs, Depending on your destination and level of experience.

For those of us wearing glasses, we have an extensive range of pre-made optical lenses for specific masks available. We can also supply custom prescription lenses for any snorkelling and diving mask that you like.

We stock and sell the most extensive range of High-Quality Snorkelling gear in Melbourne and Australia.

We supply only the highest quality Snorkelling Gear, From Leading brands and suppliers from around the world. Our Underwater Sports Gear is available in-store or available online at Dive Gear Australia.

Our massive range caters for all your needs from beginners through to your expert free divers.

Kids Snorkelling packs Junior Snorkelling packs and Adult snorkelling packs.

10 Reasons for Buying your own Snorkelling Gear.

  • A More Enjoyable Snorkelling experience.
  • Snorkelling fins that Won’t cause you to Cramp Up with hours of FUN.
  • Buy snorkelling fins that suited to you.
  • Don’t put up with sore feet with the right foot protection.
  • Quadruple the life span of an average cheap mask and snorkel.
  • A Snorkelling / Scuba Diving mask that seals appropriately on your face and is Hygienically clean.
  • A Mask that will not leak and fill up with water all the time Causing discomfort.
  • Fog-free solutions are available.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving masks that accommodate Prescription and bifocal Optical lens if needed.
  • Snorkels that are Dry Top are available so that when they are submerged in water, they will stop you getting a mouth full of water.

Hence owning your High-Quality snorkelling gear makes all the difference on your Adventure into the Ocean and Beyond.

Some of Our Leading Snorkelling Brands:

TUSA Sport, TUSA, Ocean Pro, Aqua Lung, Seac Sub, Oceanic, Salvimar, Rob Alen, Cressi, HOLLIS, Apollo and more.

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