Phillip Island Dive Sites



Advanced Open Water / Wreck Dive (max 23m)

Scuttled in 1976, approximately one nautical mile south of Cunningham Bay, the TSS George Kermode was a twin-screwed steam-powered bucket dredge. She now lies upside down on the sea bed, and is mostly intact, rising eight metres off the bottom at the stern. The ship is full of heavy machinery and massive gears, and the colossal dredge buckets are littered over the seafloor at the point of the bow. A large variety of fish life swarm around the wreck, particularly the midsection, and Snapper and Yellowtail Kingfish are not uncommon at the dive site.

For those suitably qualified, the George Kermode offers some excellent penetration, with accessible points of interest including the two massive boilers, the chain lockers and a large section of the bow.
(Note: Minimum AOW qualification and experience requirements apply)


Advanced Open Water/ Deep (max 39m)

Absolutely an inspiring dive site. The Pinnacles consists of two vertical spires of rock rising from the depths to within 8 metres of the surface. Covered with sponges, zoanthids, gorgonian fans and a variety of soft corals. The Pinnacles are surrounded by schools of fish, and often visited by large pelagics. It is one of Victoria’s premier dive sites.

THE GARDENS (max 19m) Open Water

This is a dive site that has a little something for everyone. Beginning where the base of a high granite cliff meets the sandy bottom, the depth ranges from 6m down to a maximum of 19m throughout about two hundred metres. Large boulders covered in growth give way to large channels in the deeper section. This site is like a fish highway, and on any given day you might come across rays, Draughtboard and Port Jackson sharks, schools of Australian Salmon, numerous types of Leatherjacket, as well as a couple of resident Weedy Sea Dragons. A great site because you never know what you are going to find!

GULL ISLAND (max 8m) Open Water

A relaxing dive site with plenty to look at, Gull Island is a large rocky outcrop situated in a sheltered bay. Perfect for when the Sou’ Westers are howling, the site has plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, and a beautiful wall section covered with soft corals. Wrasse, leatherjackets and morwong all call this rock home, and if you look close, you might also find a few juvenile crayfish, Port Jackson sharks asleep in a hole, and a large blue Conger Eel.

THE BUS STOP (max 9m) Open Water

When the swell is small, this is an excellent site to look for critters. A long section of reef shaped like two buses end to end, the “bus stop” has vertical walls ranging from four to six metres high with several large undercuts.

BUDGIE SMUGGLER’S (max 22m) Advanced Open Water

A rugged bommie that protrudes several metres above the surface, Budgie’s has a ledge at 6m which drops down a sheer wall to 22m. An excellent dive when the swell is down. Feel free to ask the crew just how this site got its name!!!

BOULDER’S BAY (max 13m) Open Water

A large bay littered with all sizes of round granite boulders, that provide hiding places for a variety of marine life.

TWO CAVE BAY (max 16m) Open Water

A popular dive site, Two Cave Bay offers some spectacular topography both above and below the water. With a mainly rocky bottom covered in kelp, the best diving is around the perimeter of the bay, with some magnificent rock formations and deep channels carved by the pounding waves.

PYRAMID ROCK (max 20m) Open Water / Advanced Open Water

Pyramid Rock is a well-known landmark and is surrounded by several good dive sites, offering steep walls, boulders, ledges, and several bommies further out.

The WHITE GATES (max 12m) Open Water

The White Gates is a site that reminds you of how beautiful the underwater world can be. The location of this site makes it hard to get onto as the swell needs to be dead flat. It consists of a shallow reef which winds its way along the base of a steep cliff. It leads down to a swim-through created by a HUGE boulder which bridges across a section of the reef, about 10 metres deep.

Looking into the swim-through, all you see is a small circle of light on the other end. It’s quite tight, but you emerge on the other side into a spectacular chasm with shear smooth granite walls rising almost to the surface. A site that must be dived when you get the chance!

These are just a few of the dozens of superb dive sites we visit.

More dive sites.

Smiths Beach Shore Dive

Smiths beach is truly a beautiful dive site with a max depth of 11 meters.
There are some great swim throughs bomies and big over hangs all teaming with fish life, nice Kelp, sea weed, colourful soft corals and sponges
You’ll see Blue Devils, Port Jackson Sharks, Draft board Sharks, Cray fish, Boar fish,
Old wives and much more.
At certain times of the year, we have discovered that Smiths beach is a breeding ground for Port Jackson Sharks.

Smiths Beach car park

Dive Site Entry:
Simply walk down the stairs to the beach then head to the left till you reach the point this is your entry

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