TUSA Instrument Technology

Solar RechargeableRechargeable by sunlight or indoor fluorescent light. The solar rechargeable feature eliminates the need for battery replacements.

Bluetooth® SMARTBluetooth® SMART technology enables smartphones or tablets with the Diving LOG app downloaded to receive dive log data from the IQ1204 DC Solar Dive Computer via Bluetooth®.

4 Gas MixThis advanced feature allows the diver to preset four individual gas mixtures (Mix 1, Mix 2, Mix 3, Mix 4) from 21-100% for easy switching during the dive.

2 Gas MixThis feature allows the diver to preset two Nitrox gas mixtures (Mix 1 and Mix 2) for easy switching during the dive as necessary. Mix 1: 21 to 50%, Mix 2: 21 to 99%.

Altitude Smart ModeThe Altitude Smart Mode allows the computer to automatically adjust for altitude diving.

Audible AlarmTUSA’s computers feature Audible and Visual Alarms for the most important dive data warnings. Ascent rate, maximum depth, no decompression limits, safety stop and several other key data can be set to alert the diver.

Backlit DisplaySeveral TUSA computer instruments feature a Backlit Display for night diving or low-light situations. The bright backlight is activated by a touch of a button and the duration can be set for up to 10 seconds in length enabling the diver to view critical dive data easily and quickly.

Dual Time DisplayDual Time Display offers two time zones to be displayed simultaneously on the LCD.

Free Dive ModeThe Free Dive Mode calculates dive times and surface intervals for free diving.

Optional Deep StopAn optional safety stop on No Deco dives exceeding a depth of 80 feet.

PC DownloadableTUSA’s PCLogbook, TUSA DataLog PC, and DiverLog Mac interfaces allow the diver to transfer complete log and profile history from the dive computer to a personal computer or upload user settings to the computer. A PC interface unit is sold separately.

Step-Back FeatureThe Step-Back Feature allows user to navigate forward or backward through the menus.

User Replaceable BatteryConvenience and ease-of-maintenance is imperative in the design of today’s dive computer. Each of TUSA’s computers offer a user-friendly replaceable battery that can be changed on a moment’s notice using standard widely-distributed batteries.