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Get The Best Snorkelling Gear And Equipment, Spearfishing Gear, and Freediving Gear In Melbourne At Dive Gear Australia

For the best in quality snorkelling gear, spearfishing equipment, and freediving gear in Melbourne, stop in at the dive shop at Dive Gear Australia, Victoria’s leading recreational scuba diving centre. The DGA Dive Centre has been in operation for over a decade. Providing the area with expert courses in scuba diving as well as the best in equipment. The best brand names at the best prices can be found at the dive shop located conveniently near Fountain Gate shopping centre.

Buy Spearfishing Gear In Melbourne Only At Dive Gear Australia

Scuba enthusiasts in the Melbourne area know that they can find everything they need to continue enjoying their sport at the dive shop at Dive Gear Australia. Customers will find the most extensive range of top quality scuba equipment as well as items like underwater photography equipment and freediving gear.

The Dive shop has all of the major brand names like Dive Rite, Poseidon, Olympus, and many more. Customers will also find low and affordable prices with financing available as well.

There dive shop also performs servicing on scuba equipment. It is recommended that all regulators and buoyancy compensators be maintained and serviced at least once annually. The experts at the dive shop provide professional maintenance so that your equipment performs. Regular maintenance will not only keep your equipment performing, but it can also prevent any unnecessary repairs or replacement of gear. Scuba equipment can be expensive, and periodic servicing can make it last.

Take Scuba Courses At Dive Gear Australia

Dive Gear Australia is an excellent source for snorkelling gear in Melbourne, and it is also a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) 5-Star diving centre. Interested parties can get all of the scuba education that they need to join the DGA diving community. Those not sure whether or not scuba diving is for them can take Discover Scuba, a course that will help them determine if they want to continue with more training. From there, those who wish to pursue scuba training can choose from a wide range of courses all the way to instructor certification. There are also specialty courses to choose from, such as underwater photography. All Scuba Diving courses are taught by PADI certified instructors.

Students get the benefit of receiving instruction from a world-class diving centre, which was given the 5-Star distinction by PADI. 

Only centres that offer extensive diving education, equipment, quality diving experiences, and that promote the awareness of the aquatic environment. Getting involved in scuba diving, snorkelling, or any water endeavour opens you up to a whole new world of excitement and adventure. The sport is very social, and Scuba Life even hosts Social Nights on Fridays.

Whether it is for the latest in snorkelling equipment in Melbourne or for general information about scuba diving, visit Dive Gear Australia in Melbourne, Victoria or go to their website, DGA where you will find all of the information you need to get involved in the sport. If you are searching for gear and equipment, you can always visit the dive shop or shop online at