Great Dives around Port Phillip Bay

Boarfish Reef – Depth: 9 – 24 metres

Named after the prevalence of Long-snouted Boarfish, the reef can provide the diver with many different dive sites in the one location. Boarfish Reefboasts prolific fish life, swim-throughs, caves and rocky outcrops. It has have been suggested as one of the best reef dives in Victoria.

Nepean Bay – Depth: 8 metres

This is a great little dive for the end of the day when you want to go for another dive. It is typically an Open Water dive training site because of the excellent conditions and prolific fish life always found in the area. If you’re getting into photography or videography, this is the dive for you. Shallow depths and extended bottom times ensure that you can practice in calm and clear waters.

Pope’s Eye – Depth: 14 metres

Pope’sEye is a human-made basalt rock annulus Located 4 km from the Headsbetween Portsea and Queenscliff. The foundation of what was to be an island fort built in the 1880s, this horseshoe-shaped artificial reef. It has now been classified as a Marine Reserve and is home to many species of fish, invertebrates and algae, including large fronds of marcoystis kelp.

The inside of Pope’s Eye provides a safe anchorage in2-3metres of water while outside, the rock wall extends to a depth of15 metres. While the best time to dive Pope’s Eye is on the start of an ebb tide, it provides a great dive in all weather conditions.

Portsea Hole – Depth: 15 – 34 metres

PortseaHole is about 500metres from the Portsea Pier and is a remnant of the old Yarra River. The top of the hole is 15metres, and to the north, along the wall, it drops over the edge into a sandy bowl where the depth is about 34metres. The wall comprises of small overhangs, which are home to a vast array of invertebrate life and fish, in particular, the beautiful Blue Devilfish and schooling whiting. On the top of the hole are several rock bommies which play host to hundreds of fish. PortseaHole is one of Victoria’s premier dive sites and ideal for an array of divers.

South Channel Fort – Depth: 12 metres

SouthChannel Fort is a human-made island and was built the 1800’s. It was designed to house gun placements and able to defend Victoria against an invasion from Russia. There are underground tunnels and full crew quarters all still present. It is also the nesting ground for many species of sea birds.

Both above and underwater environments are worth a visit. Underwater, the pylons of the jetty provide a nursery for a variety of fish. This marine reserve classification is in place so you can enjoy the area. Take a swim up to the old jetty, several pylons still exist and are fun to swim through.

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