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Prescription Scuba Diving Masks

Prescription scuba diving masks can be fitted on the spot with pre-made optical correction diving mask prescription lenses. At Dive Gear Australia, we offer a wide selection of prescription scuba diving masks to fit your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, we have the perfect prescription scuba mask for you. With our pre-made optical correction prescription diving lenses, you can be sure to see clearly underwater.

Pre-made correction diving mask prescription lenses work only off the sphere measurement of your optical prescription. For example, -2 left eye and -2.5 right eye.

If you’re unsure of your script and what you need for your prescription, contact your optometrist and ask them for the best sphere measurement for you. You will want to let them know that the pre-made prescription diving lenses only require the sphere measurement and come in .5 increments.

Pre-Made & Custom Scuba Diving Masks

Dive Gear Australia’s large selection of prescription diving masks includes single vision, multifocal, bifocal and tri-focal lenses. There are many different prescription scuba diving masks available here with pre-made optical prescription diving lenses. We can also customise to your personal script for any dive or snorkel mask you like.

Here at Dive Gear Australia, we understand that scuba diving is an exciting visual experience and poor vision can limit the enjoyment of the whole experience. We can now acquire a prescription scuba mask fitted with your exact prescription. All you need to do is pick a prescription scuba mask or bring your existing mask in with your latest prescription from your optometrist. Custom diving mask prescription lenses are made by a highly experienced optical lab, with each lens customised to your personal script.

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If you’re looking for a store that supplies prescription snorkelling masks and prescription snorkelling goggles fitted with quality prescription diving lenses, contact Dive Gear Australia today. Call us on (03) 9702 3694 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dive mask are there?

There are two types of dive masks for scuba diving activities:

  • Multi-lens masks – These have two separate lenses that are divided by a nose bridge
  • Single-lens masks – These have just one big lens

I need a prescription for my mask for diving and snorkelling – how do I proceed?

You should speak to an optometrist and ask them to determine what the best sphere measurement is for you. This will allow you to get a mask with a suitable prescription.

How do you get prescription lenses in a scuba mask?

Simply supply us with your prescription and we can fit your prescription diving lenses to your prescription scuba mask or prescription diving goggles.

What masks can be fitted with prescription lenses?

Prescription diving masks with twin face plates that are separated can have diving mask prescription lenses fitted into them. Single face plate prescription diving masks can also have minor prescription diving lenses fitted into them, but this isn’t always possible.

Which dive masks can provide the best overall visibility?

Although multi-lens prescription snorkelling masks are very good, they offer a much narrower field of view. Single prescription snorkelling masks offer better overall visibility.

What are scuba masks made from?

Most prescription snorkel goggles and scuba masks are made out of either silicone or polycarbonate plastic. This includes the frame and retainers where the diving mask prescription lenses are placed.

If I damage my mask, can you refit my lenses into a new mask?

Yes, we can, although this can only be achieved if the prescription diving lenses aren’t damaged as well.

Are there any dive mask options for those with poor vision?

There are two options available for divers with poor vision:

  • Purge valve masks – Designed to stop water from entering the mask, allowing the user to use contact lenses without the possibility of losing a lens when emptying their mask.
  • Optical lenses for masks – These are diving mask prescription lenses that have the lenses fitted into the mask.

What types of lenses are available for dive masks?

  • Single vision mineral lenses for far distance viewing requirements
  • Single vision mineral lenses for near distance viewing requirements
  • Bifocal mineral lenses for both far and near distance viewing requirements

Can you make any prescription in the diving mask?

Yes, we can. Our staff can recommend which prescription scuba mask or which pair of prescription diving glasses will be most suitable for your prescription.