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Prescription Scuba Diving Masks

Below are Prescription Scuba Diving Masks that can be fitted on the spot with Pre-made optical correction lenses.

Pre-made correction lenses work only of the Sphere measurement of your optical prescription, For example, -2 left eye and -2.5 right eye.

If you are unsure of your script and what you need for your prescription, Contact your Optometrist and ask them for the best measurement.

You will want to let them know that the pre-made lenses are only the sphere measurement and come in .5 increments.

Read below for Custom Scuba Diving Masks

Dive Gear Australia’s  Large Selection of Prescription Diving masks include Single vision, multifocal, bifocal and Tri-focal lenses. There are many different Scuba Diving Masks available here with pre-made optical lenses.

We can also customize to your personal script into any dive and snorkel mask you like.

Here at Dive Gear Australia, we understand that scuba diving is an exciting visual experience and poor vision limits the enjoyment of the whole experience.

We can now acquire a dive mask fitted with your exact prescription.

All you need to do is pick a scuba mask or bring your existing mask in with your latest prescription from your optometrist.

Custom lenses are made by a highly experienced optical lab. Each lens is customized to your personal script

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