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Shearwater Dive Computers

Shearwater was founded by Bruce Partridge in Canada in 2004, a technical diver with a background in computer systems design who had a vision to provide the world with reliable, user friendly and easy to read dive computers. All Shearwater products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada

Armed with the belief that divers want a simple intuitive user interface previously unavailable in dive computers and rebreather control systems, the earliest focus was on the design of a menu structure that made sense to the user.  As an experienced rebreather and open circuit technical diver, Bruce clearly understood the need for divers to be offered reasonable choices, requiring as few button pushes as possible, during stressful underwater situations. 

Shearwater Research quickly became a major supplier of trimix computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers. After enjoying wide acceptance in technical diving circles, Shearwater gained popularity amongst recreational divers. Its  intuitive interface was further extended and simplified with a focus on the recreational diver. Shearwater now holds a leading position among companies and a reputation for some of the highest quality instruments on the market. Their computers are notably easy to use for divers at all development levels and have a reputation for being reliable, user friendly, and easy to read underwater. Shearwater computers are designed to improve the journey for divers everywhere.

Decompression: Shearwater Research designs and manufactures open-circuit and closed-circuit trimix dive computers for the most demanding divers. We provide Buhlmann with Gradient Factors and VPM-B, the most common decompression models used by technical divers. A focus on innovative and simple displays keeps the most important information available at a glance.

Rebreather Control Systems: Shearwater is proud to supply electronic control systems and decompression computers to the world’s leading rebreather manufacturers. Our continuing goal is to advance rebreather technology for the purpose of increasing safety and reliability.

DiveCAN®: To improve the safety and flexibility of rebreather electronics, Shearwater has adapted the internationally accepted digital messaging system known as CAN Bus for use in rebreathers. Known as DiveCAN®, this technology will enable rebreather manufacturers to easily integrate technological advancements as they become available.