Spearfishing and Freediving Gear

Dive Gear Australia is located in Hallam, Victoria’s South Eastern suburbs. We offer a massive range of Spearfishing and Freediving gear. Service for you with a wealth of knowledge of their products from trained professionals who use and train with everything that we sell.

Our very experienced team of professionals also service Spearfishing guns

We stock Spear Fishing equipment such as Spearguns, Railguns, Camouflaged Wetsuits, Freediving fins, floats, knives, catch bags and loads of accessories. All from the leading suppliers such as Seac Sub, Salvimar, Rob Allen, Cressi, JBL, Ocean Hunter, Omer, Shark Shield, ESDS Shark deterrent and much more. All your Spearfishing and freediving equipment can be supplied in-store or online at Dive Gear Australia.