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Sharkskin Undergarments

Best Water Sports Undergarments

The Sharkskin undergarments have many fantastic features: 

Undergarments can be used as thermal protection under a drysuit for drysuit diving.

Often used as a wetsuit for diving and snorkeling in tropical waters as the suit adds no buoyancy, So fewer dive weights are needed making your scuba diving more comfortable. Wearing the sharkskin clothing protects you from stingers, fire coral, and the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Wear a full sharkskin suit under a wetsuit to add extra warmth and comfort. It is the equivalent of adding a 3mm neoprene wetsuit but without the added buoyancy and makes putting on and taking your wetsuit of a breeze.

Chillproof garments are 4-Way stretch 100% windproof to provide warmth and wind protection.

How does Sharkskin Chillproof work?

Sharkskin is only made from the world’s most advanced technical fabrics available, each with their own unique purpose for watersports.

In the air, Sharkskin Chillproof performs the same function as a very high end outdoor or mountaineering fleece. The fabric is water-resistant, breathable, windproof, and keeps you warm.

For use around water or in wet or moist environments, Sharkskin is ideal. The WRT treatment on the outer fabric repels water. The hollow fiber fleece very effectively wicks excess moisture away from the skin drying you quickly should you get wet.

The hollow fiber fleece in Sharkskin Chillproof is designed to swell with water. The membrane holds the water when submerged. The body heats the water, and the warmed water is contained in the fleece providing the insulation.

When the user exits the water, the fleece dries very quickly when worn. The body heat and wicking effect combine to drive water through the membrane.

The water is replaced by air, and the air insulates your body.