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Face Mask

Australian Made Face Masks 

Why buy an Australian made Face Mask, Guaranteed quality and effectiveness of the product, also help Australian small business and keeps jobs in Australia.

Sharkskin Envirus face masks use titanium dioxide nanotechnology and nanomaterials in there enhanced reusable personal protection equipment (PPE) which gives you improved and virus disabling air filtration

Liquid Titanium which is a brand name associated with a fabric that incorporates charged Titanium dioxide (TiO2) can significantly address the many clinical and public healthcare challenges that have arisen from the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t use Disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) Face Masks.

Help us all to minimise the impact on our environment.
The masks we sell are high quality, durable, washable and reusable. Discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) is increasingly turning up on the seabed and our shorelines, and This is a real threat to our fishlife and wildlife in and around our oceans worldwide.

Other reasons against disposable masks are they are expensive and are not up to the task of properly protecting you and others around you. You will notice the large leakage areas around the sides of the face, nose and chin areas, DIY masks are no better, They do offer some protection and will still help in preventing some transmission of COVID-19.

Sharkskin Envirus Everyday MaskSharkskin Envirus Everyday Face Mask

Mask is easy breathing, flexible, and comfortable. Specifically designed to be used for long periods every day. The outer layer has water repellent properties with an anti-microbial/anti-bacterial treatment.

Sharkskin Envirus Hydrophobic Face MaskSharkskin Envirus Hydrophobic Face Mask

Breathes well and is designed to give extra protection where it may be needed. This is a multi-layer design based on the best scientific data available. Fits Optional PM2.5 Filters. The envirus hydrophobic mask is made with fabrics/materials that are waterproofing and has permanent Antimicrobial and Antiviral properties woven into the nanomaterials.

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