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Buy the best BCD or BC for Travel and Local Diving in Australia

The BCD is also known as a buoyancy control Device Or BC also known as a buoyancy compensator.

Rear Inflation BCD

There are a few different types of BCD Designs such as the Rear Inflation which is a wing-style bc that gives you better trim in the water while diving and a free feeling as they do not wrap around your stomach like a Jacket style. The Cons are that they generally do have big pockets for your diving accessories to live in and for taking macro photography upright and a wall the BC will always try to level you out a bit.

Jacket Style BCD

The Jacket Style BCD has typically got rear and side inflation. The benefit of the jacket BC is that you can float on the surface easier without having to lean back like a rear inflation BC. You also have the advantage of extra pockets to put your dive accessories in like dive torch, SMB (surface marker buoy), a spare dive mask, small slate, Retractable compass or wet lenses for your camera.

Travel BCD

Travel BC is a necessity nowadays for many diving destinations as the weight can be an important factor.

Some of the best-designed travel BC’s on the market are the Aqualung Rogue, Omni BC and The Outlaw, As they are super lightweight and do not take up a lot of space as they can be fully disassembled and packed flat in your dive bag, Leaving more room for your Camera Gear