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Lavacore Womens Vest

Lavacore Womens Vest

Price: $ 69.00
Was: $ 99.00
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Lavacore Womens Vest

The Lavacore Womens Vest is designed specifically for females and is comfortable to wear due to the contoured shape. The Lavacore vest is designed to keep you warmer for longer due to the material that it is made from. The water resistant outer layer repels water off to stop absorbtion and is wind proof and the inner anti bacterial fleece provides warmth. Whether you are jet sking, snorkelling or Scuba Diving, this Lava Core top is going to do the job. Being a light weight 4 way strecth, wind resistant and 30+UV protection, you cant go wrong with it. Another great reason to wear this top is for sun protection. Getting burnt can damage you skin perminately, so looking after yourself in the sun is important.